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Dr. Shima Zaman

Faculty of Law

Dean of the Faculty

The Faculty of Law of the University of Dhaka began its journey from the foundation of the University in 1921. Since then the Faculty of Law has been contributing enormously towards the legal education in this country. Until 1973, it offered a two-year LL.B. evening programme. During the 1973-1974 session, it introduced a three-year LL.B. Honours course in lieu of the evening programme. The duration of this course was subsequently extended to four years in the 1977-1978 academic session. Since 1976-1977 session, one-year LL.M. course is in place. The Faculty offers two research degrees in Law, namely, M.Phil. and Ph.D.

Under the revised syllabus newly introduced in the 2004-2005 session for the students of LL.B. (Honours), the marks for the subjects offered in the undergraduate program got increased from 1700 to 2300. The grading system introduced in session 2010-2011, included 2200 marks equivalent to 132 credits against 24 subjects offered at the undergraduate level and 100 marks equivalent to 6 credits against four viva-voce exams taken at the end of each year- in-total 2300 marks equivalent to 138 credits. In 2005-2006 session, Master of Laws (General & Specialized) Course was introduced.